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The story of Guipli

Enhancing sales in restaurant business with digital menu displays on tablets controlled by Hexnode

With George Earp | Co-Founder at Guipli


“It was very easy to set all the tablets so yeah I had a very good experience.”


Computer Software


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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The story

Guipli is a computer software development company that produces custom-built software applications for restaurant businesses. The application is designed to take food orders by displaying a digital menu on the mobile devices. The application allows the visitors in the restaurants and bars to place their order easily, quickly, and without facing any payment queues. This application helps the restaurant owners to optimize sales and operations, reduce cost, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The team at Guipli distributed Android tablets to their customers with their custom application installed on the devices. These devices were used by the restaurant owners to display digital menu and take client orders. George Earp, the Co-Founder at Guipli, wanted to keep track of the devices and control them remotely. He also wanted to limit the device access level so the devices aren’t mishandled. In the course of his research to find a possible solution for his requirements, a friend of his recommended Hexnode. George quickly signed up for the free trial and post-trial, he decided to move forward with the solution.

“I had some friends who recommended the solution so I just went for it.”

George Earp

Co-Founder at Guipli

Guipli case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Guipli

George was greatly impressed with Hexnode’s rich set of functionalities. Hexnode helped him remotely control the tablets directly from the MDM console. He could keep track of the devices and configure essential policies to limit the level of device usage. With Hexnode onboard, he was convinced that the devices would be used only for the intended purpose. Device security with Hexnode was always at the extreme level.

“The purchase was very fast. When I sent the request, you guys contacted me very fast, it was absolutely amazing.”

George Earp

Co-Founder at Guipli

Hexnode case study with Guipli
Guipli case study on Hexnode

Hexnode also allowed George to update the custom application without having the devices in hand. He could update the software on timely basis and the updated version could be installed on the device in no time. App distribution and updates were never this simple prior to using Hexnode. Hexnode very well helped George save much of his productive hours with its top-notch functionalities.

Hexnode’s simple and user-friendly interface helped George set up the devices easily and quickly. He could single-handedly onboard the devices and configure essential policies without much effort. The learning curve was smooth and with the dedicated approach from the Hexnode technical support team, implementing the software functionalities was carried successfully. George surely agrees to recommend Hexnode to everyone in need of an overall device management solution.

“I would definitely recommend the product for look into the functionalities”

George Earp

Co-Founder at Guipli

In a nutshell

Guipli succeeded in achieving their company goals with Hexnode. Hexnode helped the team to smartly control the corporate Android tablets distributed to their clients. They could easily update their custom application on a timely basis directly from the Hexnode console. They could ensure utmost security for the devices by imposing access limits over the devices. With a rich set of functionalities, they could make sure the devices are utilized for the intended purpose. Guipli continues its successful and happy association with Hexnode for the years to come.