The story of mSale AS

Effective and secure management of standalone kiosk systems done right with Hexnode

With Kjetil Andre Liknes | Chief Technology Officer at mSale AS


“We looked at a couple of other MDMs but Hexnode was the one that we found to be superior to the others”




Norway, Europe


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The story

mSale AS distributes the best gift card kiosks across Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. They have gathered substantial knowledge in payment solutions, security and cutting-edge technology and have incorporated them to deliver quality gift card kiosks. The first ever gift card kiosk in Scandinavia was delivered by mSale group and they proudly showcase their services across the Europe. They offer the best in the market standard desktop and standalone kiosks, and interactive kiosk tables. They make sure to deliver the best kiosk solutions to their customers for effective gift card sale.

The secure processing and implementation of the kiosk solutions was a major concern for the managing team at mSale AS. They supplied interactive table kiosks that contain embedded Android devices on them to restaurants and cafes. These kiosk systems were primarily used for displaying menus and placing customer orders. The kiosk tables were also equipped with games and news for leisure-time entertainment. Managing the kiosk tables and utilizing them effectively became a troublesome task for the team. It was then that they started looking for an MDM solution for effectively managing their kiosk devices.

Kjetil Andre Liknes, the Chief Technology Officer at mSale AS, checked out multiple MDM solutions in the market but none seemed to please him the way Hexnode did. The primary requirement he had in mind was a complete kiosk solution that could manage the Android devices effectively with minimum labor. Hexnode rightly served and fulfilled his requirements. The easy and straight-forward implementation was the major attraction that impressed the team. After the initial trial process, Kjetil Andre was convinced to move forward with Hexnode.

“The entire process from the interface, the management, the web, and the way it works was impressive.”

Kjetil Andre Liknes

Chief Technology Officer at mSale AS

mSale AS case study
Hexnode case study mSale AS

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution was the primary feature Kjetil Andre used to manage their corporate Android devices. Locking the devices into kiosk mode ensured that the devices are safe and are utilized for the intended purpose. The kiosk solution from Hexnode allows the admin to lock the devices in to a single or multiple application as per the requirement. Locking the devices to specific applications allows the user to access only those apps and blocks all other applications from the interface. The admin can also selectively manipulate other device settings after locking the devices in kiosk mode thus ensuring additional security for the devices.

“Hexnode was the solution that had the best and most complete kiosk mode.”

Kjetil Andre Liknes

Chief Technology Officer at mSale AS

mSale AS case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on mSale AS

Implementing Hexnode on to the devices greatly helped Kjetil to remotely control them without being physically available at the specific location. With Hexnode’s remote control functionality, the admin could view and fix any concerns remotely thus saving a lot of productive time and effort. Once the required permissions are rendered and the remote-control functionality is active, the admin could view the device’s screen from a distant location and address the issue effortlessly. Remote Control functionality is definitely one of the favorite features for the team at mSale.

“It definitely reduced the workload because now all we have to do is make sure our equipment is just set up with Hexnode...I don't have to do anything else.”

Kjetil Andre Liknes

Chief Technology Officer at mSale AS

The rich functionalities and easy onboarding highly impressed Kjetil Andre and his team. They could now easily manage the Android devices with less effort and manual labor. Hexnode’s simple and user-friendly interface had a great impact on the smooth implementation of the software. The straightforward pricing tiers made the decision-making process even more simple and easier. Above all, an active and responsive technical support team with their quick responses helped the team during the initial set up and implementation process. Their timely responses to every queries and follow-up concerns on the implementation is an add-on to continue with the product. Hexnode rightly proves to be the best decision for the team at mSale

In a nutshell

Hexnode provided all the essential solutions to the team at mSale AS to securely manage their table kiosks. They could easily set up and implement the software. The kiosk lockdown solution helped the team to securely lock their Android devices to specific applications. With the kiosk solution onboard, they could ensure that the table kiosks are utilized for the intended purpose. Hexnode’s remote control functionality allowed the admin to remotely view and control the device’s screen from a distant location thus saving much of their productive time. The timely responses from the support team reduced the effort to a great extent. Kjetil Andre finds Hexnode to be the perfect solution for their requirement and he happily recommends the solution to his fellow corporates for effective device management.