The story of Melher

Improving data optimization in the logistics industry with Hexnode’s cost-effective device management solution

With Alberto Melendez, Company Owner at Melher Transport Inc.


“...This was the best solution we could've ever found and that was the end of the problem... For us it was great...”




El Paso, Texas


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The story

Located in Texas, Melher Transport Inc. is an authorized freight shipping and trucking establishment that provides excellent delivery services. For the past two decades, they have been rendering both national and international transportation services across 48 states between the US and Mexico. With more than 300 dry vans available, they ensure fast, reliable, professional, and secure delivery of all kinds of valuable goods across Mexico and the US. Not only do they cater their customers with full, partial, and LTL Freight Services but also serve a wide range of logistics services including warehousing and supply chain optimization with on-site freight management. They have combined innovative solutions with technology to ensure that door-to-door delivery of cargo is possible without any hassle. All their facilities are closely monitored without fail.

The management team at Melher Inc. had a pretty hard time managing the supply chain. It was difficult to keep track of freight with the increased usage of personal mobile devices. Alberto Melendez, the Company Owner at Melher Inc., deployed Android tablets for logging the trip details. The tablets served as Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) to record essential information such as distance covered, driving hours, date, time and geographic location. The network data was frequently getting exhausted because the tablets were being misused for personal entertainment and hindered the transfer of important information. This proved to be a nightmare as the data usage could not be limited, and they were soon running out of time to figure out a way to sustain the tablets cost-effectively. They needed a solution to extensively manage and control the tablets according to their requirements.

“...So, by getting your product...what I think is that they use their phones for their... watching picture or whatever, but they are not consuming our data...”

Alberto Melendez

Company Owner at Melher Transport Inc.

Melher case study
Melher case study with Hexnode

Tracking the device location and maintaining the logbook records was a prime concern for the team at Melher Inc. With less network data, retrieving this information was a tedious task. This made the team look for an MDM solution to manage the tablets. Alberto and his team tried out many MDM products but they failed to impress him. Hexnode rightly served all their requirements. Apart from providing a solution to all their problems, Hexnode had additional management features that could help them increase their productivity.

“...When I found Hexnode and I read everything about them, I made a call and immediately I felt confidence...”

Alberto Melendez

Company Owner at Melher Transport Inc.

The tablets were seamlessly enrolled onto the platform with the assistance of Hexnode’s tech support team. The solution proved to be cost effective and simple enough to manage their tablets. With the mobile data management solution from Hexnode, they could efficiently track and manage data usage across all their devices. The admin could view the data consumption details of the respective applications that are installed on the driver’s tablet. Likewise, data usage could be limited on the apps that displayed high consumption rate. The user could be alerted with emails when the data usage crosses the limit.

“...It was perfect. Everything was there and as soon as I called them, I figured out there will be no lies or no false promises. Everything since the beginning was smooth, professional...”

Alberto Melendez

Company Owner at Melher Transport Inc.

Hexnode case study on Melher
Hexnode UEM case study on Melher

With real-time location tracking, Alberto could fetch the location of each tablet, along with the complete location history. Hexnode ensured that the device settings could not be tampered with even after resetting the device. With Hexnode kiosk lockdown, the tablets were locked down to the required applications so the drivers couldn't receive access to non-work-related apps. This ensured that the devices were used only for the intended purpose.

“...They cannot do anything else besides those two of the tools... it has been awesome.... and me as an owner were fascinated, we have no words really...”

Alberto Melendez

Company Owner at Melher Transport Inc.

Alberto was really impressed with the service that Hexnode provided for their organization. Besides, the unsurpassed technical support services added to the excellence with their timely response to every query. The solution was also priced at a very reasonable rate and helped the company ease some weight off their shoulders. The simple and intuitive user interface also led the way to save a lot of time. Hexnode proved to be the best choice that could have happened to Melher Transport Inc.

“...From the beginning to the end you guys were very attentive...everything is perfect...”

Alberto Melendez

Company Owner at Melher Transport Inc.

In a nutshell

Hexnode helped to bring about an end to endless consumption of data which was troubling the team at Melher Inc. The solution proved to be cost-effective and saved them a lot of time. Moreover, Alberto could remotely control the devices and run only the required apps on the tablets. Hexnode aided them to increase the overall productivity of their drivers and the rest of the staff at the home office. Alberto would definitely recommend Hexnode to anyone who needs to find an end to their device management woes. The comprehensive solution along with the excellent customer service made sure that everything was running smoothly in their organization.