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The story of AutoMap LLC

Seamless Location Tracking and Device Management in the Automotive Industry with Hexnode

With Andrew Matthews, Director of Logistics and Dealer Relations at AutoMap, LLC


“Without Hexnode, I’m completely in the dark as to what’s going on with our devices”






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The story

AutoMap is a leading vehicle tracking and audit solution trusted by vehicle dealers all across the US. A Bluetooth enabled low-powered OBD (on-board diagnostic) device chip is installed in each vehicle which takes around 30 seconds for installation. Once the device is enabled, the vehicle can be tracked using VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), stock number or model across multiple lots via computer or smartphone using the AutoMap app. Instant tracking and auditing helps the company/dealer to sell more cars, increase customer satisfaction, accelerate the auditing process and monitor all the vehicles in the inventory.

The AutoMap OBDs are engineered to withstand varying climatic/environmental conditions and have no impact on vehicle batteries because of the low power drawn. The AutoMap tracking solution is installed in more than 40,000 vehicles in the US and is still growing at a tremendous rate. The tracking chips helped the dealers reduce waiting time, raise alerts on potential problems and increased the overall efficiency of the process.

AutoMap case study

Andrew Matthews, the Director of Logistics and Dealer Relations at AutoMap LLC, was looking for an MDM solution to effectively push apps and manage the Android devices deployed to the employees. The devices consisted of Kyocera and Samsung devices. Andrew wanted to push OS updates to the devices whenever necessary. He also wanted to lock down the devices to a single work application so that the employees won’t get distracted with social media and other non-work related apps.

Eventually, he came across Hexnode and took the one-month free trial. He was impressed with the easy to use UI and an ever-present support team that answered all the queries. The single app lockdown feature allowed the team to run the devices on a single application alone restricting access to all other apps and features. Locking down the devices to the company app proved vital for the productivity. The employees could use nothing other than the work app while they were out in the field.

“Without Hexnode, I’m completely in the dark as to what’s going on with our devices”

Andrew Matthews

Director of Logistics and Dealer Relations at AutoMap, LLC

AutoMap case study with Hexnode

Hexnode helped Andrew push the OS updates easily on the devices. Hexnode also provided extensive location reports with latitude, longitude, time and duration. The location information were fetched at periodic intervals. The location history of each employee could be exported as PDF or CSV file. Periodic location reports were sent automatically via email to Andrew. A corporate device lost was easily located with the help of Hexnode. It was never this easy to locate devices before Hexnode.

“I’m recommending Hexnode because I know they have a very strong support system”

Andrew Matthews

Director of Logistics and Dealer Relations at AutoMap, LLC

In a nutshell

Hexnode helped AutoMap restrict the devices given to the employees to run on their company app alone. The OS updates were easily pushed to the devices and the location tracking feature was very essential for monitoring. Moreover, the simplicity of the product and the ever-present support team had them covered all the time.