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The story of McSteen Land Surveyors

Digitizing real estate activities using iOS devices deployed and controlled by Hexnode

With Kevin Woeste | Director at McSteen Land Surveyors


“...The easy-to-use interface and affordable pricing were the major factors that made us choose Hexnode over the other MDMs”


Real Estate


Wickliffe, Ohio


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The story

McSteen and Associates, Inc. are land surveyors and has been serving the North East Ohio region since 1970. With employees working at multiple locations across the state, the company accomplishes the land survey operations with maximum operational efficiency. From Mortgage Location and Boundary Surveys to Commercial & Industrial Survey projects, McSteen offers proficient and comprehensive land survey services.

The employees at the company were equipped with iOS devices to record essential data regarding their business operations. While searching for a fuss-free solution for managing twenty-five to fifty devices, Kevin Woeste, Director at McSteen Land Surveyors, found Hexnode UEM. Kevin required an efficient technique to manage a bunch of crews working at multiple sites simultaneously. Hexnode helped him push software updates to the target devices without having physical access to the devices. Using the remote view feature of Hexnode UEM, he was able to quickly assist the employees to debug their device issues if any.

“...The easy-to-use interface and affordable pricing were the major factors that made us choose Hexnode over the other MDMs”

Kevin Woeste

Director at McSteen Land Surveyors

McSteen Land Surveyors case study

With the availability of basic and essential device management features, Hexnode UEM offered deep, granular control over the iOS devices. The software enabled Kevin to roll out both in-house apps and store apps to the devices remotely. He was able to silently update, remove, or re-install managed apps on supervised iOS devices. With the silent app management features, Kevin installed and uninstalled applications on the devices without any user involvement. By integrating Apple VPP to his Hexnode UEM portal, he purchased and distributed apps to the iOS devices seamlessly.

“The initial deployment of Hexnode UEM was pretty smooth...I was able to familiarize with the features more quickly”

Kevin Woeste

Director at McSteen Land Surveyors

McSteen Land Surveyors case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on McSteen Land Surveyors

The integration of Hexnode with Apple DEP allowed him to deploy the devices in bulk. Through DEP enrollment, he supervised the iOS devices over-the-air, thereby gaining the ability to have greater administrative controls over the devices. He also prevented users from removing the MDM profiles on their iOS devices. Hexnode UEM enabled Kevin to configure kiosk mode on their supervised iOS devices, thus allowing him to restrict the devices to a set of specific apps.

“...I’m pretty happy with Hexnode UEM, and I’d definitely recommend it to others”

Kevin Woeste

Director at McSteen Land Surveyors

In a nutshell

When Kevin recognized that it is tedious and time-consuming to manage a bunch of devices manually, he set off in search of a holistic Mobile Device Management solution. Considering the pricing, features, and ease-of-use, he decided to adopt Hexnode to manage the iOS devices deployed across the organization. The implementation of Hexnode UEM fabricated a standardized management system that helped him save a lot of time and gave him the convenience to manage all the devices remotely. The initial deployment of Hexnode worked without a hitch, and he was able to adapt with the MDM features and configurations at a faster pace. With the feature-rich device management platform, reasonable pricing, brisk and responsive service desk, Hexnode UEM helped Kevin to improve employee productivity and workplace efficiency.