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The story of HVAC StarPlus

Effortless app installation and upgrades helped HVAC StarPlus obtain double the productivity with Hexnode

With Thomas Morrison | Technology Specialist at HVAC StarPlus


“We've been very pleased with Hexnode. The technical support has been excellent.”




North Carolina, US


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The story

HVAC StarPlus is a dedicated commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration service contractor company that offers top-notch services across the United States. The team primarily takes over maintenance services, system diagnostics and repairs, and mechanical projects. The company excels in offering the best solutions to its clients coupled with an exceptional customer service experience. The company offers services across all major areas such as finance, technology, energy, project management and maintenance solutions. All these services are graded at an adequate and reasonable pricing point, considering long-term business relations at the top of their company strategies.

For improved technological advancement, the company thought of deploying iPads and iPhones to carry out the daily corporate courses. They used these devices to manage work orders, maintain reports, record employee working hours, store material records, maintain financial stability and much more. Deploying Apple devices for corporate engagements eased their workload to a great extent. Eventually, device management turned out to be a matter of concern for the team. They needed a solution that could automatically install applications and handle upgrades. A mobile device management (MDM) solution became a perfect alternative to their requirement.

Thomas Morrison, the Technology Specialist at HVAC StarPlus, started looking for an MDM solution that would fit in their budget. He tried out an MDM solution for some time but later on migrated from the platform as it failed to fulfil his requirements; it posed a number of issues which took away considerable amount of his productive time. He then found Hexnode and decided to try out the free trial Hexnode offered. He was convinced after a mere trial experience that Hexnode could be a perfect solution for the company. He quickly got in touch with the team and went forward with the purchase.

“It represented a good value for the company... it just takes a lot of the worry out of having smart devices in the field”

Thomas Morrison

Technology Specialist at HVAC StarPlus

HVAC StarPlus case study
Hexnode case study HVAC StarPlus

Hexnode helped Thomas to easily manage the Apple devices without investing much of his productive time. He could easily onboard the devices on to the platform via Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) supported by Hexnode. Setting up the devices was a breeze for him. He could single-handedly control and manage the devices. Now the employees need not have to visit the office physically for any concerns regarding the devices. Everything could be handled remotely and in no time.

“It is just easy to get new devices enrolled in the system and to push standard configurations.”

Thomas Morrison

Technology Specialist at HVAC StarPlus

With Hexnode onboard, Thomas could install necessary applications on to the devices. All he had to do was purchase them from Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and all the purchased applications could be pushed on the devices without any manual intervention. The apps could also be upgraded once the latest versions were available, that too without any manual assistance. All these and many more functionalities eased up his workload greatly.

“It makes application installation and maintenance a whole lot easier for us, new updates get pushed automatically.”

Thomas Morrison

Technology Specialist at HVAC StarPlus

HVAC StarPlus case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on HVAC StarPlus

Thomas was immensely happy with Hexnode and its services. He found Hexnode to be the perfect solution to his requirements as it did what it was meant to serve. The simple and user-friendly interface was a bonus for the team. He found a bunch of useful functionalities and a streamlined navigational dashboard, all at a perfectly calculated budget. Above all, a highly attentive and stellar technical support team, with their timely responses, made sure he received the right solution to all his queries. Thomas surely agrees he couldn’t have asked for a better solution for his company.

In a nutshell

Hexnode’s intuitive application management solution helped HVAC StarPlus easily manage application installation and upgrades on bulk devices without taking much of their valuable time. The team could now effortlessly carry out device functionalities without worrying about the timely updates. Any concerns regarding the devices could be remotely addressed without physically having the devices in hand which became a major relief for the technical team at the company. Overall, a simplistic management interface coupled with an exceptional support team became a boon for the company to carry out uninterrupted operations.