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The story of Kana Pipeline, Inc.

Effective inventory management and cost reduction helped Kana Pipeline, Inc. flourish productively with Hexnode

With Casimir Eastlake | IT Admin at Kana Pipeline, Inc.

Why Hexnode

It is cost-saving and I like the fact that the software is not so's clearly labeled.




California, US


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The story

Kana Pipeline, Inc. is a leading underground wet utility pipeline construction company headquartered in Riverside, California, United States. Founded in 1984, the company has a dedicated team of highly skillful and expert individuals who offer timely and effective contracting services, all within a calculated budget. They offer their services across commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional entities. Their key services include installation of sewer, water, fire line, storm drain, and other structural systems for both public and private development units. With over 35 years of experience in structural development, the company ensures uninterrupted service delivery with utmost safety concerns.

Kana Pipeline, Inc., being a construction-based company, employs a number of on-field employees that render services remotely. Tracking the availability and work records of such employees turned out to be a hefty task for the management team at Kana Pipeline, Inc. So, they introduced an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that would help them keep track of all the resources and company data from a single interface. They made use of iPhones and Android tablets and distributed them to the employees for efficient data storage and tracking purposes. To manage these devices effectively, the team decided to implement an MDM software.

Casamir Eastlake, the IT Admin at Kana Pipeline, Inc., looked for a number of MDM solutions in the market over the internet. They even tried an MDM solution in the past but later decided to migrate from the solution as it wasn’t stable enough to meet the company’s requirements. It also caused a few major issues which made the team look for an alternate solution. Casimir found Hexnode through research on the Google. He was quite impressed with what Hexnode offered by a mere trial experience. A bunch of device management functionalities at a reasonable price range was the prime attraction for the team.

“Hexnode seemed to be the one that allowed me to track all that I wanted and all for a very nice price.”

Casimir Eastlake

IT Admin at Kana Pipeline, Inc.

Kana Pipeline, Inc. case study
Hexnode case study Kana Pipeline, Inc.

The prime requirement of the team at Kana Pipeline, Inc. was a solution that would help them keep record of all the essential information so they need not have to keep a manual record of employee data. The Hexnode inventory turned out to be the perfect solution for their requirement. The easy implementation and device onboarding were an absolute bonus for the team. The user-friendly interface helps the team to navigate through the various functionalities with great ease.

“As far as my implementation, it is very straightforward as far as how to deal with it and everything works right away.”

Casimir Eastlake

IT Admin at Kana Pipeline, Inc.

Kana Pipeline, Inc. case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Kana Pipeline, Inc.

The team also makes use of the Hexnode kiosk lockdown solution to lock their devices to a specific application so that the employees are restricted from accessing non-work-related applications. This helps the team to make sure that the employees are productive during work hours. The kiosk solution from Hexnode allows the devices to be locked in single or multi-app modes thus ensuring that the devices run only essential applications and serve the intended purpose.

Casimir was highly impressed with the simple and intuitive interface of Hexnode. He could easily onboard the devices in no time. Installing essential applications on the devices was a breeze with Hexnode. No manual involvement is required to install the apps for certain devices which was an add-on. He was also happy with the timely responses of the technical support team who had answers to all his queries any time of the day. Migrating to Hexnode was an absolutely brilliant decision for the team as it saved them a huge sum of earnings, in addition to an increase in productivity and time.

“Your support team is guys always respond back to me and very's been very helpful on every occasion.”

Casimir Eastlake

IT Admin at Kana Pipeline, Inc.

In a nutshell

Kana Pipeline, Inc. makes use of Hexnode for managing their iPhones and Android tablets that serve as a source of data and inventory records. They lockdown these devices in the kiosk mode to ensure that their workforce deliver services productively. Hexnode allowed the team to keep track of the employee’s availability and work hours, all these at a reasonable price range. Implementing Hexnode helped them to reduce their expenses to a great extent. Casimir had a wonderful experience with Hexnode and he surely would recommend the solution to others in search of customized MDM suite.