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The story of Logic Wireless

Logic Wireless imposes stringent device control for secure usage with Hexnode Kiosk

With Tim Smith | Technical Engineer at Logic Wireless


“Once we tested the solution, at the end of the trial, Hexnode was the one that we wanted.”




Hampshire, UK


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The story

Founded in 2004, Logic Wireless is a renowned distributor of business-critical communication solutions. With over 16 years of business experience, the organization has grown with a swarm of resilient solutions and a wealth of expertise in the area of telecommunications. They work with a selected network of partners to distribute quality services across United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Island regions. With offices in multiple locations (Australia, New Zealand and the UK), the organization produces a range of useful products such as digital and analogue equipment, repeaters and networks, portable and mobile radios, audio accessories, vehicle chargers and batteries and much more.

The team at Logic Wireless thought of making use of mobile devices as a 2-way radio solution to serve as a source of communication. These devices were to be distributed to potential partners and customers for various outsourcing purposes. Security and privacy of the devices was a major concern for the team at Logic Wireless. The devices distributed to the customers were often mishandled which alarmed the team. Tim Smith, the Technical Engineer at the Logic Wireless, started looking out for ways to securely lock the devices so they could be used only for the intended purpose. He made a quick search on the Google and found mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

“We tried other solutions but it didn't do what we wanted it to do...then we tried Hexnode and it did exactly what we needed.”

Tim Smith

Technical Engineer at Logic Wireless

Logic Wireless case study
Logic Wireless case study with Hexnode

Tim went through a number of MDM solutions and tried out a few of them but none succeeded to satisfy his requirements. He later found Hexnode and was quite happy with the initial approach. He quickly signed up for the free trial and tried out the software. Tim was convinced with what Hexnode offered and hence decided to move forward with the solution. Hexnode fitted well within their budget which helped with the decision-making process.

“With Hexnode, you get what you pay for, you gain a lot more solutions.”

Tim Smith

Technical Engineer at Logic Wireless

Hexnode case study on Logic Wireless
Hexnode case study Logic Wireless

Hexnode helped Tim to lock the corporate Android devices in kiosk mode. Locking the devices in kiosk mode built a restricted, purpose specific environment where the devices showcased only the essential apps and data. With kiosk mode active on the devices, the hand-held devices could not be manipulated or mishandled. Tim was now worry-free as he need not have to wipe or reset the devices after every use.

“It saves a lot of support issues; it saves a lot of devices having to be wiped and reset after every event.”

Tim Smith

Technical Engineer at Logic Wireless

Tim could also distribute the essential applications to the devices with the help of Hexnode. He could push a number of devices on to multiple devices at once without spending much of his productive time. All he needed to do was configure a Hexnode policy with all the essential applications and push them to the selected number of devices. All the required apps would get installed on the devices with a single click.

Tim found Hexnode to be simple and user-friendly. He could easily onboard the devices to the Hexnode console and setup the desired configurations single-handedly. Hexnode saved him considerable amount of time and money as it fulfilled all his requirements in a single solution. Hexnode provides additional functionalities at a reasonable price range which adds on to its excellence.

In a nutshell

Tim Smith had a wonderful experience associating with Hexnode. His primary requirement of locking the devices in kiosk mode was rightly fulfilled with implementing Hexnode, that too at a reasonable and budget-friendly price range. Hexnode’s simple user interface helped him navigate through the software without wasting much of his useful hours. Timely responses and follow-ups from a dedicated technical support team was another major highlight for Tim. Hexnode rightly served the team at Logic Wireless in all aspects and helped them to flourish in the course of time.