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The story of JailCore

Safeguarding rugged devices using Hexnode’s easy to use kiosk lockdown solution

With Robby Clements, CTO at JailCore

Robby Clements

Robby Clements

CTO at JailCore

Robby Clements

Robby Clements

CTO at JailCore




Tennessee, US



How often does one imagine a UEM solution being incorporated into a prison to manage a collection of mobile devices? In this case study, we will explore how Hexnode assisted JailCore in implementing a secure lockdown solution for their rugged devices intended for use inside the jails.


Offering a cloud-based solution for correctional facility management and inmate monitoring, JailCore is a software company that eliminates the burden of paperwork and potential liability risks for jails. The JailCore app provides correctional officers with a user-friendly solution to securely document observations, head counts, location changes, and other inmate interactions through rugged mobile devices.

Challenges faced

Robby Clements, the CTO at JailCore, needed a UEM solution to deploy a fleet of over 100 Android devices. These devices were all loaded with the JailCore app to document several inmate interactions. He was very particular about device security and was looking for an effective and easy way to lock down devices once they were deployed within the jail premises.

JailCore case study

Consideration of MDM solutions

After spending a reasonable amount of time researching UEM solutions, Robby Clements finally came across Hexnode on Google. Hexnode stood out to him primarily due to its comprehensive feature set, fulfilling the company's requirements and fitting comfortably within its projected budget.

He was also searching for a user-friendly solution that wouldn't require a dedicated team of IT professionals for the initial setup process. Hexnode checked all the boxes by offering a seamless onboarding experience. Setting up the corporate devices at JailCore was a breeze and required minimal effort.

Integration of MDM solutions

“.... It is very simple to add new devices and also simple to push new app updates....”

The team at JailCore had enrolled their devices into Hexnode using the Android enterprise program. Enrolling devices using the “Device Owner” mode under Android Enterprise is a simple process that gives Robby complete control over his devices. He could silently install and update apps without end users' consent from anywhere across the globe through a unified console.

Moreover, limiting the functionality of these devices was of utmost importance, as they were to be deployed inside jail premises. With Hexnode's kiosk lockdown feature, Robby could do just that by restricting the devices to only a handful of applications. This way, he could easily permit only the JailCore app and a few other applications of his choice to work with the device, limiting access to all other functionalities.

In the event of device loss or theft, admins can also initiate a complete lockdown of devices. This ensures that all the devices stay protected and secure, eliminating any risks of them being used for unintended purposes.

JailCore case study with Hexnode

Implementation and Results

The adoption of Hexnode UEM led to a substantial improvement in work productivity for the team at JailCore. With the various features offered by Hexnode, Robby can always stay worry-free about managing his devices and use his time wisely on other important activities.

He also praised how easy it was to integrate Hexnode with his organization. He mentioned not having to adjust his organization's workflow while adopting the UEM solution. This highlights how adaptable Hexnode is for businesses.


“.... Investing in Hexnode has been completely Worthwhile....”

According to Robby, Hexnode has proven to be an all-in-one solution for his company's requirements, and he is more than happy to recommend it to anyone searching for a UEM solution.