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The story of IT is Easy

Streamlining Device Management and Enhancing Security with Hexnode

With Thoman Den Dekker


IT services





In the fast-paced world of IT, providing comprehensive solutions that cater to the needs of diverse businesses is essential. This case study revolves around a leading IT company that has successfully employed Hexnode's Unified Endpoint Management solution to streamline device management for both their organization and their clients.


The company ITisEasy specializes in offering a complete IT package for various businesses. The company helps businesses with implementing Microsoft offerings, alongside other services.

Challenges Faced

One pivotal event that motivated the company to look for a robust MDM solution was a customer's predicament. A client was grappling with unmanaged and unprotected tablets at their children's center. These devices provided unrestricted access to the internet, posing a risk to young users. Lenovo tablets, predominantly Android-based, were predominantly used by children in the center.

It is Easy case study

Consideration of MDM Solutions

Despite exploring several MDM options, they found most to be prohibitively expensive or lacking the essential features they needed. At the time, they had a previous experience with Mirador, but it proved less clear and less effective for their requirements.

Integration of Hexnode

Hexnode swiftly became the preferred choice due to its feature-rich capabilities. The company was particularly impressed with the Android kiosk mode, which fulfilled their requirements. The onboarding process was straightforward, enabling them to onboard their first customer promptly after subscribing. They began configuring policies and templates for clients, catering to their unique needs.

Implementation and Results

The company successfully implemented Hexnode's MDM solution for their customers, such as after-school centers for children. There were two sets of devices – one for the children and the other for the caretakers. These devices needed to be secured and managed remotely. Hexnode helped them do that with the multi-app kiosk mode where the tablet could be locked down to a few necessary apps and websites, blocking every other app and setting. This way, the users could not download any apps or use any apps they wish. Also, they couldn’t browse any website on the internet as well. The kiosk mode also enabled them to run a few apps in the background such that the app won’t show up to the user but work just as well.

ITisEasy dealt with all these requirements by creating two policies, one for the kids tablets and one for the caretakers. With separate settings configured in separate policies ITisEasy could remotely deploy the setting to a group of devices with a single click.

This strategy not only met their customers' demands but also influenced their internal operations. They incorporated Hexnode to manage their interns' devices, ensuring restricted access to personal data on work tablets. This marked a significant shift in managing devices effectively and securely.

“We had calls coming in, and questions asked, and it’s a bit difficult to communicate when [the devices] are unmanaged. But now it’s an email sent to us through Helpdesk and configuring the policy and it’s finished,”

says Thomas den Dekker

It is Easy case study with hexnode

Benefits and Transformation:

The company's transition to Hexnode brought forth several noteworthy benefits. They significantly reduced the time spent resolving helpdesk issues – from app installations to configuration changes. The ability to manage configurations remotely through policies eliminated manual interventions. This translated into a 50% reduction in helpdesk issue resolution time.

Operating under a Managed Service Provider (MSP) model, the company witnessed increased efficiency. They established separate portals for different customers, ensuring tailored services. With a 5-member IT team, they now managed multiple clients seamlessly.


The case study exemplifies the transformative power of Hexnode's MDM solution in the realm of IT. By embracing Hexnode, the company succeeded in efficiently managing and securing devices for a diverse range of clients. With the burden of manual interventions lifted, they carved a path towards enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Hexnode's role in streamlining device management, bolstering security, and enabling remote control is a testament to its efficacy in the IT landscape.