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The story of WorkMerk

Increasing value, securing endpoints and improving productivity with Hexnode

With Don Menya, CTO at WorkMerk


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Monitoring and securing endpoints can be like herding cats, especially when employees are using company devices for uses other than work. This case study shows how Hexnode made it easy for WorkMerk to implement website Kiosk Lockdown on client devices.


WorkMerk is a workflow technology company that operates out of Philadelphia. Founded by veterans, they create solutions for businesses that promote productivity, organization, and help enhance resources like training.

Challenges Faced

WorkMerk was tasked with creating a software workflow solution for a client that employs caregivers for patients. A few of the client’s issues with compromised security were traced back to employees using company tablets for browsing the internet and downloading unauthorized applications, which opened the gate to viruses. These devices (both Apple and Android) were meant to be used for patient check-ins and only operated off of two required apps. IT spent a significant amount of time wiping corrupted devices and redownloading apps manually. WorkMerk knew there had to be a better way.

Work Merk case study

Consideration of MDM Solutions

Don Menya at WorkMerk tested several MDMs like Jamf, but quickly realized he needed flexibility in operating systems instead of just focusing on Apple. That’s when he found Hexnode. Hexnode’s ability to manage policies over different operating systems and the kiosk lockdown feature fit perfectly to WorkMerk’s needs.

Integration of Hexnode

Menya expected Hexnode’s feature-rich interface to have a steep learning curve, but he became quickly familiar with the dashboard thanks to it being what he considers a “customer-focused product.” Hexnode assisted Menya in deploying the devices through integrations like Android Enterprise and Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. These deployment programs allow admins to configure devices for out-of-the-box use. Once deployed, the process for managing WorkMerk’s client’s devices was streamlined, simple, and far easier than expected.

Kiosk Lockdown mode was the bread and butter for WorkMerk’s client case. Hexnode’s Kiosk Lockdown mode lets admins choose either single-app or multi-app lockdown. With multi-app lockdown, WorkMerk could set corporate device functionality to the only two required apps for the devices. This made unintended device usage virtually impossible – securing their client’s data and increasing efficiency in the workplace. Their client immediately saw an increase in employee focus and productivity on a daily basis.

Implementation and Results

According to Menya, Hexnode checked all WorkMerk’s boxes.

“The ability to only [deploy] our solution really adds value and also sustainability. The ability to retain our contracts and operate smoothly... that’s a really big deal to us. So yes, the investment has been worthwhile.”

He’s confident that Hexnode is always securing his client’s devices and found customer support to be quick and effective when he needed it.

Work Merk case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Work Merk


Implementing Hexnode into their solution increased the value of WorkMerk’s offering to their client. It saved the IT department time and eliminated other related costs. Menya is so satisfied with Hexnode that he already has and will continue to recommend it as a solution to his peers.