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The story of Goudy Honda

Witnessing a staggering 90% improvement in the time spent on device management with Hexnode

With Bernie Yahya, Chief Information Officer at Goudy Honda


“I'm quite shocked because when I've a problem, you guys keep following up until the problem goes away. That is a plus which makes the closeness between the customer and supplier.”




Alhambra, California


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The story

Established in 1975, Goudy Honda is an automobile dealership that is located in Alhambra, California. It offers a variety of cars such as sedans, coupes and even hybrid cars. The dealership also has a range of new as well as certified pre-owned cars. Goudy Honda offers high quality service to Honda owners and ensures immediate attention to the customers. In case if an owner’s car requires an extended repair period, the dealership provides the convenience of free shuttle service or loaner cars.

The employees of the company used corporate-owned iPads to display information about the cars. In case of pre-owned cars, service and accident histories are conveyed to the customers using the iPad. It’s also used to showcase the specifications of cars in the showroom and for digital contract purposes. Bernie Yahya, the Chief Information Officer at Goudy Honda, wanted to make sure that these devices are used for only the intended work purpose. He purchased an app from the Apple App Store to lock the devices to particular websites and applications but it failed to serve its purpose. Each day, he faced around 20 devices with issues and had to rectify it manually in the office. It was time consuming and the productivity started to take a hit.

Eventually, Bernie decided to search in Google for an alternative solution to overcome this problem. He came across Hexnode’s website and contacted the team to know more about the product. Afterwards, he decided to try the free trial version which greatly impressed Bernie to go ahead and purchase Hexnode.

“I put the configuration and everything works just the way I wanted it to...This is awesome, no headache.”

Bernie Yahya

Chief Information Officer at Goudy Honda

Goudy Honda case study
Hexnode case study Goudy Honda

Hexnode’s kiosk mode helped the company restrict the iPads to only the work-essential websites and apps. The employees couldn’t download or access any unauthorized apps which in turn helped them concentrate more on their work. The solution not only restricted the employees from tampering with unnecessary apps and features, but it also enhanced the end-user experience. Hexnode helped immensely in maintaining device security and improving the overall workflow.

“I'll support you guys because I love your product. I have to say I cannot live without it.”

Bernie Yahya

Chief Information Officer at Goudy Honda

Goudy Honda case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Goudy Honda

Hexnode enabled Bernie to remotely push and update apps with a single click. Even after the apps got installed on the tablets, he could monitor it from the MDM console. All the installed applications were listed in the console and Bernie could delete these managed apps at any time. Moreover, setting up mandatory apps helped identify the device in which the app was missing.

“You have a good product. You have good support. Your people always follow-up to resolve issues.”

Bernie Yahya

Chief Information Officer at Goudy Honda

Hexnode not only helped them to manage the devices in an efficient way but also the deployment process was very easy. Bernie did the implementation by himself as the product was easy to understand and the whole device fleet could be effortlessly controlled from a single console. Hexnode’s support team gave a prompt and quick response to his queries. Whenever called upon, there was always someone to provide an answer and this made Bernie extremely satisfied with the product. The solution turned out to be a great bargain for the company and every single penny spent on it was worth.

In a nutshell

Goudy Honda successfully implemented Hexnode for controlling and monitoring multiple devices effortlessly. Prior to using Hexnode, managing all the devices was a very tedious task. Hexnode turned out to be a useful and feasible solution. The solution helped achieve complete restriction of unauthorized websites and applications on the devices. Hexnode’s support was one of the pinnacle reasons to opt the solution as they took Bernie through each and every step from scratch for implementing and running the product with ease till date. The product made Bernie’s life much easier now as issues stopped piling up from the user-end. Nevertheless, Bernie witnessed increase in productivity and saved incalculable amount of time.