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The story of Corporate Tax Incentives

Boosting the productivity of tax benefit services with the exceptional inventory tracking solution from Hexnode

With Ernest Vannorsdell, Senior Information Technology Manager at Corporate Tax Incentives


“I'd still strongly give your company like a 10/10 or 11/10 cause I do like the way your company works with people.”


Financial Services


Rancho Cordova, CA


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The story

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI) is a financial services company that excels in providing tax solutions for businesses by helping them take full advantage of the tax benefits they are eligible to receive. Headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California, they have been offering services for over 18 years and assist businesses to secure hundreds of millions of dollars via of financial and tax benefits. They have been acknowledged as one of the top providers in maximizing credits with their unmatched technique and they have an in-house app that offers a personalized experience for their clients.

CTI deployed iPhones to the employees to carry out their corporate tasks smoothly. All of these devices were company-owned and managed by Ernest Vannorsdell, the Senior Information Technology Manager at Corporate Tax Incentives. He faced a lot of challenges while managing the devices manually. At times, the employees would intentionally lock the devices prior to performance-based termination to hide potentially damaging activities. Cases of manipulating admin security credentials were also detected, which alerted the team. Hence, managing these devices manually became a tedious process.

“We had some issues where employees were locking out their phones before termination in order to hide potentially damaging activities on them, so we needed a way to control the devices better.”

Ernest Vannorsdell

Senior Information Technology Manager at Corporate Tax Incentives

Corporate Tax Incentives case study

The need for monitoring and managing corporate-owned devices led Ernest to search for a Mobile Device Management solution. Looking at the biggest names in the MDM market, he couldn’t find one that fulfilled CTI’s requirements, and that’s when Google search brought him to the homepage of Hexnode UEM. They were looking for a product that would fall into their pricing range and Hexnode made it to the top of the list. Ernest was convinced that he can move forward with Hexnode even without trying out the product by merely comparing the pricing tiers. After registering for the trial, he realised that Hexnode could meet their criteria and was a perfect fit for their company. He could deploy all the iOS devices with the software quite easily and without any hassle.

“Your pricing setup is straight forward like we did our pricing evaluation on your product before we even used your product. So, already you are on the top because you were pretty straightforward.”

Ernest Vannorsdell

Senior Information Technology Manager at Corporate Tax Incentives

Corporate Tax Incentives case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Corporate Tax Incentives

The primary purpose of employing an MDM solution was for inventory management and application deployment. In addition, basic management abilities like password compliance could be enforced with Hexnode. This ensured that access was denied to unauthorized users, which in turn, protected the devices and data within it. Similarly, he could configure the password rules and assure recoverability in case of malpractice. When compared to other MDM solutions, he noticed that Hexnode offered a more cost-effective and user-friendly interface with all the features they needed. The tier-wise pricing set up greatly impressed Ernest which made it easy for them to stick on with Hexnode.

“Your product allowed me to do it all, a big thing for me was, I could set this up and work your product without talking to a human.”

Ernest Vannorsdell

Senior Information Technology Manager at Corporate Tax Incentives

App deployment was made easy with the mobile app management solution from Hexnode. He could swiftly push applications to devices remotely by configuring the policy right from the console. Location tracking was yet another feature that turned out to be useful to track the device’s location in real-time. The detailed report of location history could be downloaded from the console, which further ensured the safety of the devices. Hexnode helped to reduce misuse of the devices deployed by the company while, enabling him to monitor and manage their inventory. Apart from the features that Hexnode offered, he knew that the customer support team always had his back. Ernest was impressed with their prompt responses and timely follow-ups. In the end, implementing Hexnode aided the enterprise to effectively manage time and cost.

“I think at this point you're probably the feature/cost leader in the market because of what you offer at this cost.”

Ernest Vannorsdell

Senior Information Technology Manager at Corporate Tax Incentives

In a nutshell

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI) realized that Hexnode was the perfect choice for them with its cost-effective and comprehensive-feature set. They could save a lot of time by switching from manually managing all the devices to implementing an MDM solution like Hexnode. The inventory of CTI could be tracked efficiently with features like location tracking and password compliance, which made sure that data would not fall into the wrong hands. They would also recommend Hexnode to others in need of a robust Mobile Device Management solution that could fulfill their needs.