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The story of cleverKOM GmbH

On building productive device deployment options with secure kiosk solution from Hexnode

With Thomas Warnick | Developer/Technician at cleverKOM GmbH


“We have chosen this one because there are many features we need and it is possible to use on multiple terminals (platforms).”


Computer Software




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The story

cleverKOM GmbH is a computer software company headquartered in Quickborn, Germany that offers reliable software solutions to meet modern technological requirements. Founded in 2008, the company provides services that deals with vehicle tracking, time recording, live data records on driving and rest times, as well as cold chain documentation. With the solutions offered by the organization, clients can track their vehicle fleets, record and view the employee working hours, and securely store the data. cleverCAR, cleverTIME, cleverTACHO, and cleverKS are few of the products developed and distributed by the organization.

cleverKOM GmbH distributed a set of company-owned Android devices to their potential customers for corporate purposes. These devices held all the essential applications and settings required from the company’s point of usage. In order to meet the purpose of device deployment and to ensure security, Thomas Warnick, the Developer/Technician at cleverKOM GmbH, started looking for a reliable solution. He carried out a dedicated research and comparison work over the internet and finally decided to move ahead with Hexnode.

“We have chosen this one because there are many features we need and it is possible to use on multiple terminals (platforms).”

Thomas Warnick

Developer/Technician at cleverKOM GmbH

cleverKOM GmbH case study
cleverKOM GmbH case study with Hexnode

Hexnode offered all the essential functionalities that were highly required for device deployment at cleverKOM GmbH. They needed a solution to lock the devices to a set of applications specific to corporate workflow management. Hexnode multi-app kiosk mode allowed Thomas to seamlessly restrict the devices to a group of applications thereby preventing the customers from installing or using any other application on the corporate devices. With kiosk mode active on the devices, he could ensure that the device settings aren’t modified and implemented as such. The Hexnode kiosk solution provided a secure environment for the devices to function and render the intended purpose.

Another thing that highly attracted the team is the dynamic group functionality offered by Hexnode. Setting up dynamic device groups allow the admin to selectively group the devices based on their use cases. The devices can be grouped on the basis of several condition filters such as compliance, operating system, device ownership, and location. Dynamic device grouping helped Thomas to smartly identify the device details and assign the necessary configurations accordingly. This saved him considerable amount of productive work hours.

Hexnode’s simple and intuitive user interface had a great impact over the technical team at cleverKOM GmbH. They could easily manage and control all their Android device. They could also track the device location and keep an eye on the devices in real-time right from the screens of their PCs/laptops. The Hexnode dashboard provided all the essential device details and allowed them to push configurations remotely which saved much of the travel cost and time. A solution with all the essential functionalities at a reasonable price range was there prime requirement and Hexnode rightly fitted into the organization’s standards.

“The price it uses for smaller devices is good. Not all MDM solutions have the same.”

Thomas Warnick

Developer/Technician at cleverKOM GmbH

Hexnode case study on cleverKOM GmbH
Hexnode case study cleverKOM GmbH

In a nutshell

cleverKOM GmbH found the perfect solution to all their requirements in Hexnode. They could easily manage and control their corporate Android devices distributed to potential customers and ensure utmost security for the devices. They could lock the devices to a set of essential applications with Hexnode kiosk mode and smartly group them with the dynamic device group functionality to wisely assign specific configurations on the devices. Hexnode’s simple user interface helped them navigate through the Hexnode feature list and make the necessary updates easily and quickly.