Clear Safari browser history, cookies etc automatically on ipads

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Planning to set up few ipads for public use across our retail shops to fill out forms, product surveys, and other data collection purposes. I’m looking for a way to automatically clear Safari browsing history, cookies, cache, etc after each user’s session so that the user details are not saved to the browser database. This is mainly to prevent auto-filling of data fields during the following user’s session. Ready to try out other browser apps if it supports this use case.

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    Chris Wheeler


    Thank you for reaching out to us, @Marien.

    We don’t have any configurations as such for the Safari browser app. However, if it suits your use case, you can lock down your supervised iPads in Web App Kiosk mode and configure the browser (Hexnode Browser Lite) settings.

    Let me break that down for you.

    Firstly, you’d need to add the required websites as web apps in the Hexnode app inventory. (Navigate to the Apps tab in the Hexnode console > Click on +Add Apps and choose the Web App option from the dropdown)

    Then, navigate to Policies > Kiosk Lockdown > iOS Kiosk Lockdown > Web App and add the required web apps that were added to the Hexnode app inventory earlier. To open the web app, you can choose between Safari and Hexnode Browser Lite. To achieve your specific requirement, make sure that you choose Hexnode Browser Lite as the browser app.

    Next, go to Advanced Website Kiosk Settings, where you’ll find many options to customize your website kiosk experience! You can configure the following settings under Browsing History:

    • Cache Settings
    • Clear cache
    • Clear cookies
    • Accept cookies
    • Reset cookies
    • Clear web storage
    • Clear browsing history

    The browsing history, cookies, cache, etc., will get cleared every time the web app reloads. So, you can also configure the Scheduled refresh settings accordingly to refresh the web apps automatically.

    Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 3.35.20 PM

    Additionally, you can also enable the Enforce private browsing option under Other Settings to protect the user’s personal information and prevents websites from tracking the user’s search activity.

    Finally, associate the policy with the required devices and you’re good to go!

    Hope this helps. Do reach out if you’ve any further queries.

    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM