Remote Control

Offer remote assistance, in real time

Real-time Assistance Real-time Assistance

Real-time assistance

Offer immediate assistance to users in need of technical support. Share instructions or help links via built-in messenger, push essential files into the exact location on the device, view the device screen live or even remotely control the device. Assisting users in setting up things or guiding non-savvy users to the right content and resources is a no longer a struggle.

Remote troubleshooting

What better way to spot and fix issues than experiencing it in real-time–which is why nothing beats Remote access when it comes to troubleshooting glitches at the user end. Be it devices acting up, cranky networks, or just apps that don’t play nice; you can view it in action, assume control and solve it right then right there. Remote debugging and resolution don’t get any easier.

Remote View Remote View

Remote view

View device screens in real-time to assist users, tackle issues or monitor unattended devices. Start a remote view session to mirror the on-screen content from supported Android and iOS devices right to your Hexnode portal. For enhanced privacy, users are notified of the session and can choose to start and stop broadcasting from their end.

Remote control

Access devices remotely to instantly debug issues and solve them over-the-air. Remote control sessions can be established over Wi-Fi or cellular data–so troubleshooting self-service installations and devices deployed in the field are equally easy. Admins can view the screen real-time and use point-and click navigation to interact with the device.

Remote Messaging Remote Messaging

Remote messaging

Communicate better with instant broadcast messaging. Be it company reminders, debug instructions or just saying Hi, remote messaging offers admins an easy way to reach out to end users. Wildcards in broadcast messaging help personalize messages by addressing the intended recipients directly, and surface device information like IMEI and Mac Addresses for novice users.

Remote content management

Empower users with quick and easy access to corporate content and resources. When users request frequently used files, instead of pointing them to the resource and running the risk of interrupted access, admins can now remotely push them to a designated location on the device. And securely delete them when they’re no longer necessary.

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Remote management for the mobile world

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