Enterprise and Technology Integrations

The elements that complete Hexnode

ABM  and  ASM

Use Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager to deploy Apple devices for enterprise or school specific usages. Hexnode integrates with ABM to provide seamless enrollment of Apple devices and out-of-the-box experience. The Apple Volume Purchase Program simplifies the purchase of application in bulk and streamlines the distribution of licenses.

Android Enterprise

Hexnode is an Android Enterprise Recommended EMM vendor. Migrate to Android Enterprise to gain granular control over your devices. Choose the mode of management according to your use case, be it BYOD or corporate owned.

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox along with Hexnode enables the implementation of advanced management features in Knox supported Samsung devices. The feature set gives more management options and control to the enterprise than generic Android devices. Knox provides an extra layer of security over native management.

LG Gate

GATE (Guarded Access To Enterprise) is the device management platform from LG that enables 3rd party MDM solutions to integrate with it to provide advanced support for LG’s GATE devices. Like Knox, GATE equips the company to take full control of the corporate device unlike the generic Android devices.


Through this integration with Kyocera, Hexnode extends its support to ruggedized mobile devices as well. Advanced device configurations are leveraged through OEM Config and enterprise mobile security is given prime importance.

Microsoft Active Directory

Hexnode enables hassle-free integration with Microsoft Active Directory to leverage simplified user onboarding with AD credentials and AD user cataloguing allowing network administrators to create and manage domains, users, and objects within a network.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (AD) is a cloud-based, multi-tenant identity and access management service. Integrate your Azure AD with Hexnode to manage identity and access from a single console. Sync your users and groups for easy enrollment and policy assignment.

Google Workspace

With Hexnode’s integration with Google Workspace, Admin can now sync the users and groups in your respective domains to the UEM console. Google Workspace also provides more control and ease over android app management.


Okta’s integration with Hexnode helps the admin streamline the process of onboarding by importing its existing users and user groups to the Hexnode portal. It also simplifies the enrollment of iOS, macOS and Android devices.

Zebra Technologies

Hexnode integrates with the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Zebra Technologies to deliver the latest Managed Configurations for Zebra Android devices with zero-day support.


With its integration with Honeywell, Hexnode delivers all proprietary Honeywell APIs to its customers with zero-day support through OEM Config. This enhances the management of Honeywell Edge devices.


Hexnode integrates with Datalogic to expose customized device configurations for Datalogic Mobile devices through OEM Config. The managed configurations provided by Datalogic are supported on Android 8 and above.


This integration with the world-famous provider of secure and cost-effective mobile communication solutions is also aimed at exposing the advanced settings offered through OEMConfig.


Customers are always our top priority. Zendesk users can now integrate Hexnode to the support platform to manage devices faster and easier. Through this integration, Zendesk support admin can perform UEM actions directly from the support platform, Zendesk provides a better platform to manage and respond to your queries and concerns.

Hexnode API

Integrate Hexnode to your unique application program with a custom user interface using Hexnode API. It is available as RESTful JSON implementation and is designed to work over authenticated HTTPS channels.

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