The story of Vitalcare

Hexnode’s troubleshooting capabilities save nearly 70% of the fuel expenses for Vitalcare

With Shane Calitz, Head of Engineering at Vitalcare


“It was pretty much exactly what I expected from Hexnode...easy management, grouping devices etc.”


Hospital & Healthcare


Lane Cove, NSW


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The story

Vitalcare is one of the trusted Australian healthcare organization that specializes in personal monitoring and aged care technology. For over 30 years, the organization has been designing, manufacturing and installing nurse call and critical messaging systems both in residential as well as communal environments. Vitalcare possesses nearly 1000 installations and 50,000 beds nationally encompassing all residents.

The organization employs hardware and software engineers for product development. They use the latest technologies that include IoT wireless protocol and is incorporated in call points and sensors. The Vitalcare application provides cloud-based analytics and reporting. The organization offers customer facilities in several remote areas. The employees use Android devices equipped with the company app for work-related activities. Shane Calitz, the Head of Engineering at Vitalcare, wanted to manage all these devices remotely and make sure they are used only for the intended purpose. He also wanted an option to troubleshoot issues remotely with no complications. After a thorough market research, Shane decided to go ahead with Hexnode mainly due to the features provided in a very reasonable price range.

“I don't think I could find another device management platform that had a remote view feature.”

Shane Calitz

Head of Engineering at Vitalcare

Vitalcare case study

Hexnode remote view allowed Shane to remotely view, monitor, and control the devices. This feature helped him identify and resolve the issues raised by the clients in real-time. By setting up remote view on the enrolled devices, he could control it all from a single console. He didn’t have to send the technicians to remote areas to troubleshoot issues in the devices. It saved him nearly 70% of the fuel expenses and several hours of travel time.

“Diagnosing and fixing the problem remotely with Hexnode is way cheaper than sending someone out for a 3-4 hour drive to some remote areas and fixing these issues.”

Shane Calitz

Head of Engineering at Vitalcare

Vitalcare case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Vitalcare

Hexnode’s single app kiosk lockdown solution was yet another highlight that greatly impressed Shane. It ensured that the devices aren’t misused or handled inappropriately. Locking down the devices in kiosk mode enabled building a restricted environment, thus confining the devices to limited work-essential functionalities.

With Hexnode, Vitalcare managed to save incalculable number of productive hours and money. An important factor that caught the eye was the prompt support they received for all the queries. Right from the moment of signing up for the trial, Hexnode continued to provide overwhelming support for the product. Shane feels more than happy in recommending Hexnode to organizations which often struggle with remote device management.

In a nutshell

Vitalcare successfully implemented Hexnode for restricting the Android devices from unauthorized websites and applications. The remote view feature helped in troubleshooting issues remotely from a single console. Hexnode turned out to be a very useful and easy to use solution. Moreover, the organization is very happy with Hexnode’s reasonable pricing range as they look forward to adding more devices in the near future.