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The story of TTCPL

On imposing selective restrictions on device functionalities and improving productivity with Hexnode

With Diego Torres | Director at TTCPL


“Productivity wise, yes they have been more productive once we got the compulsory apps set up, it increased the productivity of the people.”


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The story

TTCPL offers top-grade IT consulting and project management services to businesses and guides them throughout the implementation process. Based in Australia, the company helps its client base to formulate their IT requirements and choose the right solution to satisfy their short, mid or long-term objectives. Backed with a dedicated fleet of knowledgeable professionals, they aim at offering the best possible services to weave an everlasting association for enhancing mutual business growth.

The company made use of employee-owned iOS devices for various work purposes. The employees, who were from different age groups, handled the devices differently, which variably affected the overall productivity of the organization. The elderly aged set of employees preferred specific device settings to deliver intended output while the younger groups eventually invested the work time in non-productive activities. There were a few employees who lacked a device to indulge in the work courses. Hence, the company decided to distribute corporate iOS devices for work purposes. In order to ensure the utmost security and proper useability of the devices, the company has decided to incorporate an MDM solution.

Diego Torres, the Director of TTCPL, started looking for an apt solution that could satisfy the organization’s requirements. They needed a solution that could control app installations and restrict the App Store usage. They tried out multiple MDM solutions but all of them failed to completely adhere to the organization’s needs. Diego then tried out Hexnode’s free trial and was greatly impressed with the rich set of functionalities Hexnode offered, that too at a budget-friendly price range. Soon after the trial, Diego went forward with purchasing the licenses.

“We were quite influenced by the pricing...pricing was lower...ease of use was important and having the app catalogs was important.”

Diego Torres

Director at TTCPL

TTCPL case study
TTCPL case study with Hexnode

Hexnode’s effective app management solution solved much of the issues faced by the company. With Hexnode, they could easily push the essentials applications to all the devices at once without spending much of their productive work hours. The mandatory app functionality allowed them to categorize the most essential applications and ensure they are installed on the devices without fail. The apps could also be updated periodically without having the devices in hand. Hexnode also helped them to remove non-productive applications from the managed devices.

“There are like three or four different policies and each policy has different mandatory apps in it, that's just fantastic...that's great”

Diego Torres

Director at TTCPL

Hexnode case study on TTCPL
Hexnode case study TTCPL

One of the major requirements was to restrict/block the App Store to prevent the users from installing non-essential applications which was accomplished with Hexnode. The app catalog functionality from Hexnode helped Diego to build a custom app store specific to the organization’s needs. The app catalog contained only the applications included by the admin which were to be installed on the devices. Configuring specific restrictions on the devices removed the App Store icon from the device screen thus preventing the users from installing other applications.

Associating with Hexnode turned out to be extremely beneficial for the team at TTCPL. All the major issues with device management were easily solved with the help of Hexnode. They could lock the devices to the essential applications with the Hexnode kiosk mode. The location tracking feature helped them to keep track of the devices and ensure they were in the right location. Hexnode also helped them to recover the lost devices or lock the devices in case they got misplaced and couldn’t be recovered. The technical support team with their timely responses added on to its excellence. Hexnode surely became the best option for effective corporate device management.

“Ever since we got Hexnode we haven't had one device go completely missing, the ones that had been missing have been recovered because we could find them.”

Diego Torres

Director at TTCPL

In a nutshell

TTCPL had an amazing experience incorporating with Hexnode. They could easily manage the set of corporate iOS devices and make sure they are used only for work-related activities. The team could easily install the essential applications and periodically update them via the Hexnode console. The required apps could be locked in kiosk mode to restrict access to only the assigned set of applications. The custom app catalog helped them to render access to only a set of applications and the rich set of functionalities allowed them to restrict the App Store. The team ensured increased productivity and reduced travel costs with Hexnode onboard.