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The story of Access Health CT

Fire OS support on top of extraordinary app management capabilities with Hexnode

With Joshua Booth | IT Security Analyst at Access Health CT


“The support of Fire OS tablets was the deciding factor back then. Not much MDMs take on Fire OS in the market.”


Government Administration


Hartford, Connecticut


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The story

Founded in 2012, Access Health CT is one of the largest health insurance marketplace in Connecticut. The organization aspires to increase the number of insured residents by improving and providing healthcare facilities with lower costs. The government agency empowers consumers to choose their provider and health plan that offers them the best value. Access Health CT includes coverage for essential health benefits such as annual check-ups, lab tests, drug prescriptions, etc.

The organization deployed several Fire tablets, iPads and MacBooks to their employees for dealing with customers in regards to health care insurance programs. The employees had to bring the devices back to the office each time for servicing, updating apps and troubleshooting issues which consumed a lot of time. Manually managing the whole device fleet turned out to be a cumbersome task. Joshua Booth, the IT Security Analyst at Access Health CT, wanted to control and manage all the devices in a more efficient manner. He wanted to manage the devices remotely and lock it down to only the work-essential applications. After researching and comparing several MDMs in the market, Joshua decided to trust and go ahead with Hexnode’s management capabilities. The IT Manager and the Director of the organization were also happy and convinced with Hexnode’s ability to control the whole device fleet smoothly. The Fire OS support became a crucial deciding factor in opting Hexnode while most of the MDMs don’t provide it.

“Our original business decision for Hexnode came down to the adaptability and basically took on all OS and in addition fire tablets too which is a rare aspect when you're looking at an all-in-one tech solution.”

Joshua Booth

IT Security Analyst at Access Health CT

Access Health CT case study
Access Health CT case study with Hexnode

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution helped Joshua lock down the iPads to only the essential applications. It ensured that all the devices were used only for the intended purposes. The employees couldn’t download or access any unauthorized apps which in turn helped them concentrate more on their work. The solution not only restricted the employees from tampering the devices with unnecessary apps and features, but it also enhanced the end-user experience. Hexnode helped immensely in maintaining device security and improving the overall workflow.

Hexnode’s app management allowed Joshua to remotely install the apps onto the devices in no time. The application was readily pushed to the devices with no manual intervention. Apart from app installation, Joshua could also remotely push app updates periodically which again proved to be helpful for him. He was relieved for the fact that he could now push app updates remotely from a central console without any complications.

“Without Hexnode, if we had to do anything on the devices, we had to travel to some place or we had to communicate to bring back the devices to the office for servicing or updating.”

Joshua Booth

IT Security Analyst at Access Health CT

Hexnode case study on Access Health CT
Hexnode case study Access Health CT

Hexnode remote view allowed Joshua to remotely view, monitor, and control the devices. This feature helped him identify and resolve the issues raised by the employees in real-time. By setting up remote view on the enrolled devices, he could control it all from a single console. He didn’t have to send technicians or ask the employees to bring the devices back to office for updating the OS or troubleshooting issues in the devices.

With Hexnode’s location tracking feature, Joshua could easily find the lost or misplaced devices, fetch the real-time device location information as well as restore the complete history of locations traversed by the managed devices. He saved significant amount of time in deploying apps and fixing issues remotely. Nevertheless, Hexnode offered a very transparent and flawless set-up and once it was done, Joshua didn’t have to bother about it again.

In a nutshell

Access Health CT successfully implemented Hexnode for controlling and monitoring devices running on different operating systems effortlessly. Prior to using Hexnode, manually managing all the devices was a tedious task. The solution helped achieve complete restriction against unauthorized websites and applications on the devices. The feature rich product offered excellent app management, location tracking, and remote view functionalities. The apps and OS could be updated remotely with no complications. Moreover, the product was easy on the eye and very simple to use.