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EMM for Automotive and Manufacturing

Secure management platform for all mobile devices

The EMM that delivers The EMM that delivers

The EMM that delivers

The Automotive and manufacturing industry uses mobile devices for seamless distribution of resources and work updates which was formerly piles of documents. Intricate design works can be easily done with the help of a computer. Mobilizing workforce improves productivity, saves time and cost. Hexnode UEM secures this mobile workforce from the administration level and provides better device management capability to the organization.

Mobile device management for automotive and manufacturing

Organization-wide enrollment

Hexnode UEM supports the bulk enrollment methods such as Android Enterprise Recommended, Android Zero-Touch Enrollment, G Suite and Apple Business/School Manager along with conventional enrollment methods.

Secure app deployment

Store apps, web apps and enterprise apps can be distributed to the devices remotely. App groups and app catalogs can also be distributed as bulk over the air. Hexnode supports Enterprise app store with Android Enterprise Recommended integration.

MDM for automotive and manufacturing

Company network configuration

The company email, Wi-Fi, VPN, APN etc. can be configured right from the MDM console and associated to the devices. The company doesn’t have to share any network credentials to the employees anymore.

Rugged device management

Hexnode offers support to Military standard devices such as Kyocera which can endure extreme work conditions. Hexnode has integrated Kyocera Enterprise solutions to the MDM so that advanced management is made possible.

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Mobility management in automotive and manufacturing

Location features

Enrolled mobile devices can be tracked periodically or instantaneously and detailed location history report can be obtained. Location-based policies with Geofencing enables higher level of device control for the organization.

Multi-app lock down

Devices can be locked down to a few useful apps, websites and settings with the help of multi-app kiosk mode. Hexnode Messenger enables sending messages to the devices in kiosk mode. Threats from risky apps and websites can be eliminated.

Endpoint management in automotive and manufacturing

Cross-platform compatibility

Hexnode supports all the major OS platforms such as iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, Windows and Fire OS. Variety of configuration profile and restrictions can be applied to each platform through a single policy.

Remote file distribution

Files belonging to various types can be distributed to devices over-the-air with the help of File Management feature. The admin can specify the storage location and can also remove files from the device. The user interaction for installing a file is zero.