Apple School Manager

Unlock effortless management Apple School Hexnode UEM

Unlock effortless management

Apple School Manager (ASM) lets you manage the institution's devices, content and apps with relative ease. Maximize the benefits of using Apple devices in the classroom with Hexnode and ASM.

Manage Devices

Manage Devices

Achieve easy enrollment and management of the device for consistent security.

Manage Content

Manage Content

Pre-configure devices to provide access to relevant content from the first turn on.

Manage Apps

Manage Apps

Purchase and distribute applications, that are deemed safe, in bulk.

Easy configuration with Apple School Manager
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Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager (ASM) combines the power of DEP and VPP in a single web-based portal. Apart from these two, ASM also makes room for many other features like:

Apple School Manager enrollment
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Hexnode UEM and Apple School Manager

Hexnode with ASM grants the teacher/admin the freedom to completely manage the student devices to enforce security and enhance device management. Ensure that the students get their work done efficiently, and with minimal time delay.

  • Simplified enrollment

    Device Enrollment Program (DEP) provides an efficient way for enrolling organization owned devices with minimal Setup Assistant screens so that the students can get started right away.

  • App deployment

    Purchase and distribute applications in bulk with Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Track and manage the applications in the device even after they have been distributed.

  • Remote management

    Teachers can enroll, supervise, configure and manage the student devices without ever having to touch the device. Students can also be grouped according to their class to ensure they receive the right resources.

  • Content distribution

    Distribute learning applications and iBooks to student devices with the help of the simplified content distribution solution by Hexnode.