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I understand, @Fabio. Ideally, personal apps are not allowed on corporate-owned devices. Apps that hinder productivity are usually blacklisted on corporate devices. If relaxations are allowed, certain restrictions can be configured in iOS to limit interaction between personal and corporate data.

Managing content in corporate-owned devices is easier as we have more control over the device. As mentioned earlier, we can prevent personal apps on corporate devices from accessing corporate contacts using Business Containers. Since the personal app is unmanaged and the contacts are managed, you can disable the option Unmanaged apps can read Managed Contact Accounts.

On Android, devices enrolled in Android Enterprise device owner does not have a way to restrict personal apps from accessing work contacts. However, you could prevent the user from installing personal apps on the device by blacklisting such apps or whitelisting the apps that are essential to your use case.

Hope this answer suits your requirement.

Ethan Miller
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