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That’s alright, @Fabio. Since these are personal devices with personal apps, we need to separate them from corporate data. For employees using their personal iOS devices, we can limit unmanaged apps from accessing managed content. For example, you can sync your corporate contacts on Exchange ActiveSync or CardDAV to the device to have a managed contact list. You can configure these by navigating to the Policies tab under iOS and associating them with the devices.

Once the contacts are managed, navigate to the Policies tab, select iOS and click on Business Container and disable Unmanaged apps can read Managed Contact Accounts. This will prevent the personal apps from accessing the corporate contacts and limit access to just the personal contact list. Business Container prevents personal and corporate data from interacting with each other by limiting data flow between managed and unmanaged apps.

For Android devices, we recommend setting up a work profile on the employee device to separate work apps and personal apps. Apps on the personal profile will not have access to the contacts in the work profile. Check out the steps to enroll a device in Android Enterprise profile owner.

Hope this answer meets your requirement.

Ethan Miller
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