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Hola Hexnode! 
So, I opened this zip file and Sophos was extracted. It is an antivirus software I had downloaded which didn’t contain any DMG or PKG file and I know for a fact that Mac devices managed by Hexnode only supports the deployment of PKG/MPKG/DMG files. 
Question, what should I do to this .app file so I can deploy it to my Mac devices?

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  • Hola Kendall!

    We recommend you convert the Sophos file to a DMG file, to achieve this follow these steps on your Mac device:

    1. Open Disk Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities).
    2. Select File from the menu bar, then New Image and Image from Folder.
    3. Select the SophosInstall folder you want to convert and click Choose.
    4. Choose a location to save the .dmg file and name it.
    5. Choose the format as read/write or compressed.
    6. Click Save.

    Add the DMG file as an enterprise app to your Hexnode portal and deploy it to the devices.
    (Refer to the documentation to upload and deploy the DMG file: )
    The DMG file will get deployed to the devices, but users will have to manually complete the installation process.

    Please feel free to ask any further queries.

    Kenny Markovic
    Hexnode UEM