MDM Policy

One single policy for all device platforms

Unified Policy Management Unified Policy Management

Unified Policy Management

Define configurations and restrictions for all your iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Apple TVs from a single policy. The policies specific to a platform will automatically be associated to that platform.

Policy Automation Policy Automation

Policy Automation

Instead of manually associating a policy every time a device is added, the admin can automatically associate the policies to devices that satisfy pre-defined conditions.

  • Enforce password rules based on length, complexity and more.
  • Remotely grant access to Wi-Fi, corporate email and VPN.
  • Deploy and manage enterprise, store and web-based applications.

Policy Profiles

With Hexnode, the admin can define a plethora of configurations that can be associated with devices, users, or groups with zero user-intervention. Hexnode ensures the integrity of these policies on the device with periodic compliance checks.

Policy Deployment Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment

Policies can be assigned to a single or a group of devices or users. The admin can assign multiple policies to a single device without worrying about conflict as Hexnode automatically assigns the most restrictive configuration to the device.

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