App Management

Manage any application, any platform–with Hexnode

Zero-touch App Deployment

Silent app installation Silent app installation

Apple Volume Purchase Program

Hexnode and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) integration allow IT to purchase, deploy and manage applications in bulk.

Silent app installation

Hexnode lets the enterprise deploy and install applications with zero user intervention on supported devices.

  • App installation, uninstallation & updates
  • App blacklisting & whitelisting
  • In-app configurations, permissions & approval
  • Custom app stores
  • Work & personal app segregation

Comprehensive app management

With Hexnode, IT has complete control over all aspects of application management.

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Organise apps based on requirement

Application group Application group


Application groups to ease the process of deployment to bulk devices. Associate multiple apps to individual users or user groups.


Manage a catalog of applications for definitive user access. The user can choose to install relevant applications.

Custom app store

Create a customized app store that houses applications that are approved by the enterprise.

Store layout

Define custom store layouts which defines easy access to applications for the user.

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