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Hey guys, some users were experiencing issues with battery life and wifi connections on their devices with ios14. Users have reported wifi automatically disconnects when the phone is locked and they may have to automatically reconnect it.

With some help from the web, we found that updating the devices to the latest version may resolve the issue. After apple released ios 15 only a few of our devices have been updated. Now we want to update all the remaining corporate owned devices to the latest version. Excluding our personal device owners from this.

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  • Hey @holdyn,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    You can automatically group devices according to specified conditions using the Dynamic Group feature. In order to group all corporate-owned iOS 14 devices, follow these steps:

    1. Head over to Manage > Device Groups > Add Dynamic group.
    2. Specify a group name and description for the device group.
    3. Under Choose Condition filters, select Device Info > Platform > Is > iOS.
    4. Click the + icon to add another condition filter.
    5. Use the AND logical operator.
    6. Set the next condition filter as Device Info > Ownership > Is > Corporate.
    7. Configure another condition filter by clicking the + icon and selecting AND as the logical operator.
    8. Configure the condition filter as Operating System > OS version > Contains > 14.
    9. Click Save Group.

    Apply the Update OS action to this device group to update all corporate-owned iOS 14 devices to the latest iOS version currently available for the device. Ensure the devices have battery life above 50 percent and sufficient storage space to install the software update. Devices updated to iOS 15 and above will be automatically removed from the dynamic group.

    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM