Force OS updates to iOS devices in bulk

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Hey Everyone! I’m in a tough spot at work! My employees seem to forget to update the OS on their iPhones despite multiple emails reminding them to do so. I need to make sure that their devices are updated. Is there any way to do it myself?

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  • Thank you, Harper, for reaching out to us!

    Yes, it’s possible to enforce OS updates to all your iOS devices in bulk using Hexnode MDM. Just head over to the Manage tab, select the devices which need OS updates, and push the remote action “Update OS”. This action is only applicable to supervised iOS devices.

    You can either download and automatically install the update using the “Download and Install” option or you can download it using the “Download Only” alternative and let your employees install the updates as and when they are available to update. Hexnode also allows you to push the action to devices, device groups, users, user groups or specific domains, so it just got easier to update your devices in bulk!
    Hope this clears your query.

    April Watson
    Hexnode MDM

  • Hey Valerie, thanks for reaching out to us!

    A couple of things you need to check before you install an update:

    The updates will not install if the battery level falls below 50% unless it is plugged in.
    Prior to iOS 10.3, the supervised devices need to be DEP enrolled. On iOS 10.3+, the devices need not be DEP enrolled but must be supervised.

    Please ensure that the devices have the required storage space to install the update.

    For further reference, have a look at OS Updates on iOS devices.

    Hope this clarifies your query.

    April Watson
    Hexnode MDM