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Good Morning!

We have phones provided to our employees to help with our logistics work. There are multiple devices within the warehouse and others are with drivers or delivery executives. Recently we purchased some new devices for the warehouse cause some device were running slow. Now, some of the old devices are not in use and so I would like to identify these devices, remove its hexnode licence and our company software from them. Is there any way to check if the devices are being used or not from the portal.

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    Johan Blake


    Hey @bethzy,
    Welcome to the Hexnode community.

    You can separate devices that are not in use, remove installed applications and disenroll the devices all through the Hexnode UEM portal. To filter out unused Android devices, you can use any of the following methods.

    1. Monitor Battery usage: Notify via email if the device battery has fallen below a particular battery level. Configure the minimum battery level through Admin > General Settings > Battery Level Alert. After configuring the battery level, head over to Admin > Notifications > Notify the administrators and toggle the option Device battery level to receive email alerts.
    2. Per-app data usage: Set data usage limits on the company applications and notify if the app has exceeded the set data limit. In comparison to active devices, dormant ones will use less data.
    3. App logs: Monitor device behavior by analyzing Hexnode app logs. You can determine if the device is in use by inspecting the retrieved logs.

    After filtering out the unused devices, you can use the Uninstall Application action to uninstall the company apps on the device. After the uninstallation, use the Disenroll Device action to disenroll the device.

    Hope that helps with your query.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM