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What enterprise MDM solution are you using?Solved

5 years ago

I have a few clients that are looking for a MDM solution, admittedly we haven’t ventured into this yet but are looking into it now. I would like to avoid having to do anything with certificates for devices, and want something that is cloud hosted that we could separate customer devices into groups so they are walled off and can have different settings.

Ideally I would like the following:
The ability to provision mail accounts by sending link or configuring then from the server.
Something that supports both android and Apple devices.
The ability to manage MacBooks is a plus.
Easy to deploy, I want something that we can create a few client groups and the. Immediately start to provision devices into it.

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Marked SolutionPending Review
5 years ago
Marked SolutionPending Review


Hexnode MDM is a Unified Mobile and Desktop Management solution providing Cloud deployment and support for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and, tvOS devices.

Here’s how Hexnode MDM suit your specific requirements,

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Hexnode MDM