Can my user remove the MDM profile with AC?

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Are the MDM restrictions, profile and policies that I pushed to the user’s devices removable? I manage corporate Macs, iPhones and iPads. I read on the internet that the profiles can be removed with Apple Configurator. Please advise any workarounds if users can directly remove profiles with Apple Configurator.


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  • Hey @valerie, @harper,

    The policies and restrictions applied on iOS devices can only be removed by:

    • Disassociating it from the UEM console.
    • Disenrolling the device.
    • Removing the MDM profile from the device, either manually or using Apple Configurator. You can block the manual removal of the MDM profile for a DEP-enrolled device.

    Note: Ensure that the option Allow MDM profile removal in the DEP Configuration Profile is unchecked. This blocks the users from manually removing the enterprise administration in devices enrolled via the Device Enrollment Program.

    Hope this helps!
    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM