Enroll Zebra devices without Google setup Upgrade OS

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I have a few Zebra TC51 phones which I wish to enroll. During enrolment, I want the devices to automatically get connected to a Wi-Fi network and skip Google account set up. Also, I want to upgrade the OS to Android 8. What is the method I should use to enroll?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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    Archer Woods


    @marien, enrolling your devices in Android Enterprise as Device Owner is sure to tick all the boxes.

    Follow these steps to achieve your requirements:

    1. Enroll your organization in the Android Enterprise program.
    2. Hexnode supports device enrollment using QR code, wherein a feature to add Wi-Fi configuration to the QR code is available. To add a Wi-Fi network configuration to the QR code, navigate to Enroll > Android Enterprise > QR Code Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Add Wi-Fi network configuration to QR code and configure the Wi-Fi network credentials.
    3. Factory reset the device unless it is being used for the first time and then enroll your devices in Android Enterprise as Device Owner.
    4. Tap the welcome screen six times and scan the enrollment QR code available on the Hexnode portal.
    5. On scanning the QR code, the device will automatically connect to the pre-configured Wi-Fi network. Now, device enrollment commences. The user will be asked to approve various permissions for the Hexnode app to complete the enrollment process.

    During enrollment, the device will be automatically signed in to Google with the organization’s Android Enterprise account. Hence, the Google account set up during device setup can be skipped.

    Now, you can upgrade your devices to Android 8 using the OS updates policy.

    1. Navigate to Policies > Android > OS Updates.
    2. Choose the Update automatically option in the System update settings field and associate the policy with the target devices.

    Once the policy is associated, the devices will automatically get updated to Android 8 when the update becomes available on the device.

    Hopes this answers your query.

    Archer Woods
    Hexnode UEM