Google Workspace Account does not sync when using Hexnode MDM

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Hello everybody!

I have an issue when using Hexnode MDM to manage Android devices.

I went through the whole setup to integrate Google Workspace (Gsuite) with Hexnode, through Android Enterprise.

When setting up a brand new android device, I do the “Tap the home Screen 6 times” to scan the Android Enterprise QR Code and start setting up. It makes me do the whole Hexnode For Work setup, Hexnode Remote view, and makes me log in the End user Google Account.

Everything goes smoothly, then I “Change owner” of that device in HexnodeMDM, to assign it to my end user. Doing so puts the right policies on the device, and the work apps install properly.

The problem is that there seems to be a conflict between Google Workspace and Hexnode MDM. The user account does not sync at all. There is a constant notification “Google Play Services. Account action required”. When I click it, it opens the Hexnode For Work App.

In any Google App like Gmail, if I click on “Manage your Google Account”, there is a banner “Finish signing in to continue. Something went wrong and you need to sign in again. Sign in”. If I click Sign in, it opens the Hexnode For Work App.

I have tried:

– Setting up the devices through Samsung Knox

– Setting up the devices by doing 6 taps and scanning the Android Enterprise QR Code

– Setting up the devices by login in the Google Workspace Account (It properly runs the user through the Hexnode setup too, which is great)

None of these options worked, always the same problem. I have tried to follow any Hexnode FAQ, Google Workspace forums or Videos, I cannot find a proper solution.

Thank you for your help.

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