gsuite vs non-gsuite account for android enterprise

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Hi Hexnode! Our business recently expanded its workforce from 5 to 25 and has moved into a new office. We have been using Android tablets for internal use for a while now. We enrolled these devices as AE device owners with managed google play ids, but that doesn’t seem to be a wise choice for the future. How beneficial would it be to get a gsuite account for our business?

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    Pretty beneficial I’d say!… Google Workspace, aka G Suite, is a lucrative investment for small businesses. We have been using Google workspaces for a while now at our school. Most teachers used google services for their day-to-day lives and were familiar with their products. G Suite allowed us to efficiently collaborate and communicate with each other using Googles tools. It provided an organized space with plenty of storage and data security. Definitely recommended!

  • Hi, @Yvonne and @Willow!

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    Indeed! It is wise to get a G Suite account for your business. G Suite integration with Hexnode allows users to:

    • Domain sync with the Hexnode portal and effortlessly enroll devices to Android Enterprise.
    • View synced Google Workspace users and enroll their devices to manage them through the Hexnode portal.
    • Create work profiles and assign them to partly managed devices to enhance security and aid user privacy.
    • Deploy apps to devices enrolled and monitor app compliance through the portal.

    G Suite integration also allows users to securely bypass Google Factory Reset Protection with the credentials of the G Suite account or Google Account ID. This is particularly useful for enterprises where an employee leaves the company, and the G Suite email ID can be used to log in to their corporate devices to bypass FRP. It also provides you with features such as single sign-on for enrollment authentication on multiple platforms and user directory synchronization. In addition, businesses can collaborate with Google Workspace from the UEM and facilitate simplified device and user management. With these, you could leverage Google Workspace (G Suite) to scale endpoint management across platforms.
    Configure Android Enterprise using Google Workspace for your work devices and scale your business with Hexnode UEM.

    Feel free to reach out for any queries.

    Ethan Miller