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Direct policy enrolment feature request.Solved

3 years ago

Is it possible to enrol an Android device directly to a policy? currently the enrolment process is hectic, for instance we were using Esper.io previously, the enrolment process is very simple in esper. In Esper we can create a policy template, which will generate a QR code for that policy, so when we enrol a device we can scan that QR code and enrol our device and that policy will be applied automatically. We’re looking for that kind of simplicity with Hexnode, please look into this and get back to us, we’re looking forward for your response.



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Hexnode Expert
3 years ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hi Gurupriyan,

Thank you for your request! We do have a similar option as you had suggested, however, the procedure and the flow would be slightly different, but the end result is the same.

We have a feature where you can enroll your devices via a QR code method. This would enroll the device in such a way that it would be associated with a specific user based on the QR code that is scanned. Alternately, you can authenticate the enrolment process by requesting the end-user to enter in their credentials at the time of enrollment. Better yet, the admin can send the enrollment request to the end-user via email which would contain the username and the one-time verification code that can be used for authentication at the time of enrollment. Check out the link below for details. The option can be combined for enrollment of Android devices with or without Android Enterprise.


Either way, we can associate the policy with a specific user beforehand, even before devices are enrolled, so that once the device is enrolled it would be assigned to the specific user and the corresponding policy would be applied to the device automatically.

Additionally, we can associate the policy with a dynamic group such that once the device is enrolled into the portal the policy would be associated to that specific device automatically, provided the device enrolled meets the pre-set criteria.
In dynamic groups, you would be able to set a couple of specified conditions, and accordingly, the devices would be added to the group automatically. You could refer to this link to know more about how to set up dynamic groups.


Hoping that this helps.




Hexnode MDM