Hexnode for blocking camera, calls, certain websites.

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I need to prevent camera, making calls, accessing certain websites on the Android tablets I am planning to give my employees. Can Hexnode cover all these?


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    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Hexnode can meet all these requirements.

    • To block the camera in an Android device, please navigate to Policies-> Android-> Restrictions-> Allow Device Functionality and uncheck the ‘Camera’ option. This will block the usage of cameras in Android devices. Note to associate targets and save the policy. Know more about restrictions for Android devices.
    • To block the outgoing calls, please navigate to Policies-> Advanced Restrictions-> Allow Device Functionality and uncheck the ‘Make a call’ option. Please note that this is supported only on Android devices enrolled in Android Enterprise as Device Owner. Learn more.
    • You can block the user access to specific websites using the Web Content Filtering feature. You can blacklist the websites that you wish to block access to. Please navigate to Policies-> Android-> Security-> Web Content Filtering and click configure. You will be able to see the options to blacklist the websites. Have a look at Web Content Filtering in Android.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDm