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Hi guys,
We use the remote view option to cast the device screen in real time providing the employee some assistance to resolve any on device error. Most employees have secondary screens on their windows desktops and sometimes the secondary screen is cast which is not needed. Is there an option to select which screen we see in the remote view session.

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  • Hey @verbnigge,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Currently, for Windows devices that support multiple screens, there is no option on the portal to remotely choose which screen to cast while using the Remote View feature. Instead, Hexnode UEM lets end-users choose the screen to cast during a remote view session.

    To launch Remote View, navigate to Manage > Devices > select the target device > Device Summary > click on the Start Session button under the Remote View window.

    This starts a casting session of the device screen on the portal. Now, the user is prompted with a notification asking permission to start the remote view session. After accepting the prompt, the user can then choose which screen to cast if there are multiple screens. The user has the option to switch screens in between a session using the Remote Assist app, but it would only take effect in the next session.

    Note that the latest versions of the Remote Assist app and the Hexnode Agent app should be installed on the target device to avail this feature.

    Hope that clears your query.

    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM

  • Thank you for reaching out @raelynn.

    If you are seeing the “Connecting to device…” error for an extended period of time, the following may be the reasons.

    • The device may not be reachable. Under your firewall settings, check if port 443 is open for initiating the remote view session.
    • Make sure the device is turned on, and the user has access to it.
    • Ensure the user has granted permission to the Hexnode Remote Assist app to start the remote view session.

    Follow our troubleshooting doc for more information on debugging remote view sessions on a Windows device.

    Hope that helps you.

    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM