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With the updates that Samsung has made on Android the remote control feature is next to useless if you don’t have the device or someone at the device. It would be great if you can make the necessary updates to the remote control feature to allow unattended access to the devices again.

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  • Hey @David Walsh . Thank you for reaching out on Hexnode Connect!

    We assure you that your request has been communicated with the concerned team. Will keep you in the loop with further developments on the feature.

    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM

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    Luis Mauricio


    Hello Hexnode DEV Team,

    I hope you’re doing great.

    I don’t know if that was what David mentioned, but it also would be great to access the device without the need of granting access and also start the app/service, since we are admins and this can make our lives much easier. I work in a company that specialized in surveys, so I need to call the person and explain how to proceed. If that is implemented, will save a lot of time.

    Mauricio Ramos


  • Hello @Mauricio,

    We understand that waiting for users to permit access and explaining the steps over call can be a hassle.
    Although, granting direct access to devices may come in the way of the user’s privacy and cause security issues. It could also interrupt whatever the user is working on at that point in time.

    However, we’ll take it up with the respective teams and see what can be done regarding the same. We will surely keep you in the loop.

    Best regards,
    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM