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Hey there @nur,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Since the remote commands are not reaching the device, it is possible that the device’s internet connectivity might have been lost. It can be because of the following reasons:

  • The device was restarted.
  • The OS version is outdated.
  • The battery has run down.
  • The network connection was disrupted.

If you have not restarted your password-protected device upon losing internet connectivity, try bringing the device into the range of the already setup Wi-Fi network. To re-establish the connection, you can also have a Lightning to USB adapter and a USB to Ethernet Adapter to connect the iPad to an Ethernet cable. If the device regains network connectivity, send the “Disable Lost Mode” action from the Hexnode console. This will release the device from the Lost Mode.

Suppose you have restarted a password-protected device locked in lost mode. In that case, the device cannot reconnect to the password-protected internet network as the keychain remains locked until the device is unlocked. And since you are in lost mode, the device will not show the password prompt. So, either you will have to establish a wired internet connection through an ethernet cable, or you will have to connect it to a Mac with Apple Configurator to erase/restore it.

You can also release the device from lost mode by disenrolling or wiping the device. But this will only work if the device is connected to a stable internet network.

Please refer to this troubleshooting document on restoring the lost iOS devices to learn more.

Hope this helps you!

Nora Lang
Hexnode UEM