OS Update getting failed with an error ‘Download has failed’

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When the OS update action was pushed to my iPhone the update did not happen at all… In the action history page, it showed the following error:

“Software update failed to start. Please try again. Download has failed”.

I tried initiating the action again but the issue is still persisting. Please check and give an update on this, please.

Thanks and Regards,

Tech Soul

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  • Hey Tech Soul,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    This error message was previously reported to us. We have thoroughly checked this case and found out that this is not an issue from our end. The OS update file is not getting downloaded to the device because of an error in Apple’s server end. You can try restarting the device or try connecting the device to another network and try again. If the issue is persisting, you can contact Apple directly and report the issue.

    Hope this clears your query.

    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM