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Hi @Ava, Mandatory apps will get installed back on the device even when uninstalled.
On Android Enterprise devices, whitelisting a set of apps blocks the use of any other apps and similarly, blacklisting restricts the use of the selected apps. For devices enrolled with the generic method, blacklisting/whitelisting won’t hide or disable the apps. Instead, the device will be marked as ‘non-compliant’ and the admin is notified via email if notification is enabled from Admin > Notifications. You might find our help documentation on the same useful.

Note: If you are blacklisting/whitelisting apps, you might want to whitelist the Google Play Store app.

You could use Hexnode’s App catalog for Android instead. App Catalog allows you to create and deploy a customized app store on the end users’ devices. Learn More.

, Yes, the apps configured as Mandatory Apps will be automatically updated when an update comes for Play Store apps. For Enterprise app, a similar case applies (Refer an earlier thread on the same).
However, for enterprise/in-house apps, if you select the Enforce app downgrade option while configuring the policy, the app version will remain unchanged and any advance version of the same app directly installed by the user will get downgraded. Applies to Samsung Knox, LG Gate, Kyocera business phones, rooted Android devices, and Android Enterprise Device Owner devices. Learn more. (Also refer – How to downgrade apps on your Android devices? )

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