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A day in the life of a Hexnode technician

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A day in the life of a Hexnode technician

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See how Zach remotely manages the entire device fleet of his organization using Hexnode.


Look at how Zach oversees the entire IT infrastructure of his organization using Hexnode.

Do you know what the responsibilities handled by your IT admin are? Well, IT administrators are in charge of all of your organization’s computer systems and IT staff. They troubleshoot and manage information systems and networks while maintaining data backups and network security. IT admins will be your go-to personnel whenever you want to update or install new hardware or software.

I am not someone whom you’d call a ‘tech savvy’. So, whenever I have silly doubts, I call one of my IT admins, who is always just one call away. I hope at least some of you out there would be able to relate to me. But have you ever thought from their perspective? Have you ever thought about how many tasks they would get in one day? They always seem to do all of it somehow with a smile, don’t they?

It is all about the tools you have at your disposal that determine if your job is a walk in the park or a herculean task. A UEM solution can significantly ease your worries if you are an IT admin. However, if that is a capable tool like Hexnode, having a variety of management capabilities, then even better! Hexnode lets you have extensive control over your fleet of enterprise devices from a centralized platform.

You might be wondering how someone managing Hexnode for their enterprise would do this. Let’s take a look into the life of our imaginary friend Zach, one of the Hexnode technicians for his organization.

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