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Streamlining theme park admissions with intuitive kiosks

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BOUNCE Singapore

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See how BOUNCE Singapore utilized Hexnode to set up intuitive kiosks

BOUNCE is one of the world’s best indoor adventure and trampoline parks featuring a variety of trampoline zones.  To ensure the safety of the visitors, they have formulated a waiver that highlights the terms and conditions associated with the services and activities offered by the team at BOUNCE. The waiver is displayed on Android tablets and is controlled via a custom-made application.

Wanping Kwek, the Assistant Venue Manager at BOUNCE Singapore, says she faced considerable challenges to manage the tablets. The devices were inappropriately handled by the visitors which adversely affected the overall management process. This made Wanping hunt for a solution that could resolve her concerns.

Read the case study to know more about how Hexnode came to their rescue.