Mobile Expense Management

Monitor, restrict and get notified on data usage

Notification and data restriction Notification and data restriction

Track costs and setup plans

A solution engineered to completely automate the process of monitoring and controlling mobile expense. The enterprise has a bird's eye view over every device within the enterprise that makes use of its corporate resources. Identify processes that cause unnecessary expenses and devise plans for regulation.

Notification and data restriction

Devices can be configured to notify the admin/user when the device crosses the preset data threshold. Automate enforcement of device restrictions once the device crosses the data usage limits by disabling access to the network or restricting to specific networks. Data limits can be set to monitor daily/monthly data usage of a device or device groups.

Reports and scans Reports and scans

App based tracking

Devices that have data-hungry applications can lead to ungoverned consumption of corporate data. These apps may not always be work related and hence can be restricted once identified. With Hexnode, the enterprise can identify applications that cross pre-defined data usage limits and can enforce restrictions on them.

Connectivity and telephony

Devices can be restricted to access Wi-Fi/mobile data only or be denied access to either. Call and text capabilities of the mobile device can also be restricted to minimize unwanted expenses. Costs can also be reduced by disabling device functionalities like Wi-Fi tethering, data roaming and application auto-sync.

Reports and scans

View network-based data usage, separately for Wi-Fi and mobile data, to set network specific restrictions. Receive reports based on device data usage history for formulating data management plans. Periodic scans ensure continued compliance of the device or device groups with the corporate data usage policies.

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