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MDM for Retail

Reaching for the new heights in productivity

The MDM that powers retail industry The MDM that powers retail industry

The MDM that powers retail industry

Managing multiple mobile devices in the retail industry can have a transformative effect on the way that you do business, boosting customer engagement and aiding employee effectiveness by incorporating mobile into your shop floor strategy. Hexnode UEM in retail platform helps businesses control devices in their stores leading to new ways of working, increasing sales and conversions.

MDM solution for retail

Converting tablets to POS

POS (Point of Sale) station can be set up with a regular tablet with the help of Hexnode UEM. The kiosk mode allows stores to lock the device to a POS application. Thus, stores need not purchase a dedicated POS machine for sales purpose.

Kiosk for digital signages

Digital displays like tvOS can be converted to digital signages for displaying ads, videos or images with the help of kiosk mode. The display content can be changed anytime from anywhere from the Hexnode portal.

EMM for retail

Provisioning devices in multiple locations

Huge supply chains can enroll the devices in MDM with Android Enterprise Recommended, G Suite, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Apple Business Manager etc. which are integrated with Hexnode UEM. These programs help manage devices in multiple locations from a central console.

Inventory management in stores

All mobile devices deployed across the stores are monitored, managed and secured from the MDM console. The variety of device platforms or models doesn’t matter here. The admin can remotely access devices from the MDM portal when needed.

Mobility management solution for retail

Device management in the delivery system

The delivery system in stores may use mobile phones or tablets for work. With Hexnode UEM, these devices can be tracked, and the location history report can be downloaded from the MDM console.

Crisis control

The devices deployed to stores can get stolen or lost anytime. Even if the devices sometimes cannot be retrieved, the data in them can be protected from unwanted pilfering by the means of actions such as device wipe, content wipe, enabling lost mode etc.

Retail industry mobility management

Customized service for customers

When floor employees are equipped with mobile devices, they can use it to improve the sales by providing customers with targeted assistance, understanding their requirement. Stores can also use AR (Augmented Reality) apps for better visualization of the services.

Real-time support for store employees

The store employees may not be so tech savvy to deal with even minor device glitches. Rather than running to the IT department or having long phone calls with the technicians, remote control helps the admin have real-time control over the device from the MDM portal.