Hexnode Messenger

Hexnode’s native secure messaging platform

Broadcast messages Broadcast messages

Broadcast messages

Hexnode messenger is a one-way messaging tool that the admin can use to send messages to target devices, directly from the Hexnode portal. Hexnode messenger makes it convenient to notify the user when the device goes out of compliance i.e., when the device does not follow a policy or wanders out of a geo-fence.

Kiosk messenger

Sending messages to a device that is in an active kiosk, a device locked down to limited applications and functionalities, can be quite troublesome. Hexnode messenger is a perfect way to achieve fluid communication by ensuring that the information is relayed to the device while maintaining corporate restrictions.

Notifications Notifications


Hexnode messenger ensures that the user stays informed about a new message with convenient notifications. Apart from the notifications on the home screen and the lock screen, the number of unread messages will be clearly displayed on the Hexnode messenger icon.

Secure message sharing

Send messages securely from the admin device to target devices in real time, if connected to the internet. The admin can choose a single message recipient or a group of devices/users for bulk messaging, which are particularly useful for announcements and notices.

Native user experience

The hexnode messenger reflects a user interface that is similar to commercial chat applications. With highlighted unread messages, lock-screen notifications and minimalistic UI, the application can be used with ease and a sense of familiarity. The admin can make use of wildcards to display device/user details.

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