Looking for an Alternative to MaaS360


Affordable Endpoint Management solution

Hexnode provides you with an affordable Unified Endpoint Management solution to manage any device platform of your choice.


Dynamic and unified policies

Apply a single set of policies for all platforms which can be configured to take effect automatically based on conditions.


Remote viewing and control

Remotely view and interact with what’s displayed on the device screen.


Kiosk Mode with added features and security

Setting up kiosk does not need App IDs anymore. Kiosk mode is equipped with the ability to control almost every device setting remotely.


Third-party Integration

  • Samsung KNOX and SAFE


  • Device Enrollment Program

  • Volume Purchase Program

  • API

  • third-party-integration

    Looking for an Alternative to MaaS360


    Easy-to-interact User Interface

    Hexnode MDM won't get you lost in a crammed, usability nightmare of an interface.
    Faster bulk enrollments

    Enhanced enrollment options

    Assign apps and policies to apply automatically once the device is enrolled. Disabling user authentication enforcement ease up the device enrollment.
    Pre-enroll devices

    Active Directory Integration

    With Active Directory integration, device enrollment gets automated, and policy association extends to OUs and even entire Domains.
    Chaos No more

    Location tracking and geofencing

    Build geofences and set separate policies in and out of these fences to get them applied automatically.

    Out-of-the-box ready

    With a DEP (iOS) and configuration-based enrollment (Android), get the device enrolled in Hexnode MDM even before it is turned on.
    Kiosk mode

    Product support at no additional cost

    The Hexnode team provides you complete support and training for Hexnode MDM for no additional cost.

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