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It is possible to automate the process of sending Remote ring when the device battery level is too low? (in KIOSK mode, Android Enterprise)

For example, if device battery is lower than 20%, Hexnode send notification to email and automatically send Remote ring with prepared template to the device.

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    Ethan Miller


    Hi @Getify

    Thank you for choosing Hexnode Connect!

    You can send notifications to users/administrators when the device battery level falls below a specified value using notification alerts. The value can be configured under Admin > General Settings > Battery Level Alert.

    Battery level


    Currently, we do not have the option to schedule or trigger the Remote Ring action automatically based on conditions. However, you can set up a dynamic device group of devices with a battery level percentage of less than 20%. The devices running below the specified battery level will be grouped automatically. Then, you can manually initiate the   Remote Ring action on this device group once you are notified of a drop in battery level.

    Set dynamic filter

    We hope this meets your requirements. Feel free to ping us for any assistance.

    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM