No apps are displayed on trying to add an app under launcher in Android Kiosk

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Hi Guys,

I’m playing around your product, and I found that while trying to add an app under Launcher in Android kiosk, it shows no apps found. Can anyone help me on this?

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  • Hexnode

    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    If you are trying to lock down the device into a single app/multi-app kiosk mode, please confirm that the desired apps are added under Kiosk Lockdown-> Android Kiosk Lockdown-> Single App/ Multi app in the same policy. Once the app is added, you will be able to select this app under Kiosk Lockdown-> Android Kiosk Lockdown-> Launcher in the policy. The app will be listed on clicking the ‘+’ icon under the section ‘Auto-Launch’.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM